So I was at the movie theather waiting to see ‘12 Years a Slave‘ quietly chewing my popcorn when I saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic appearing (yes, yes, the great savior of PSG!). I was a bit confused at first to see him rifle in hands, dressed with white camouflage, hunting a poor deer through beautiful snowy landscapes until I realized I was watching the latest Volvo commercial Made by Sweden.

Although the commercial is a bit overly dramatic by moment with its exalted lyricsm and our hero Zlatan reciting the words ‘I want to live and die in Sweden’ (ah right.. but don’t you live in France at the moment?), I must say I was quite impressed by the scenery.

So where was it filmed?

‘Made by Sweden’ was filmed in Stora Sjöfallet National Park in northern Sweden. It’s the third largest National Park in Sweden (1278 km²) and is located only 20 km from the Arctic Circle.

I always wanted to visit Sweden so Stora Sjöfallet is now one more reason to do so!

Suorvajaure, Stora Sjöfallet National Park, Sweden

Volvo commercial Made by Sweden, Stora Sjöfallet National Park, Sweden

source: Wikipedia