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LegendaryTrips is a collaborative trip inspiration site where users can share trip itineraries between fellow travelers to get inspired but also save time and trouble.

Restless explorers, world travelers and smiling backpackers all meet on LegendaryTrips to plan but also share trips. Each trip is reviewed and rated by other travelers to help you find out the perfect itinerary for your next journey. Adventurous roads, welcoming hostels, magical scenery, amazing wildlife, challenging treks… it’s all there on LegendaryTrips.

For fun you can also check itineraries as seen in the movies, read in books or once followed by historical characters.

You can help the community

Nothing could help travellers more to plan their trip than first-hand experience from other travellers like yourself.

How many days do I need to cover these locations? Is it worthwhile to make a detour through this spot? Should I fly or take the bus between these two cities? You can help answer all these questions for the destinations you have visited!

How to do it?

Nothing could be easier. Go to the following page and follow the instructions. If you are stuck at any point just give us a shout.

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LegendaryTrips helps you reach travellers at the ideal moment when they are starting to plan their next trip.

We are now offering the opportunity to tour operators to promote their tours on LegendaryTrips. Interested? Get started by submitting your tours on this page.

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Developers Wanted

The pay’s not great, but the work is hard!

You got serious front/back-end development skills and would you like to be part of the LegendaryTrips adventure that inspires travellers for their journeys?

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