The Hoge Veluwe National Park is one of the most beautiful and awesome sight Dutch national parks. It consists of about 55 square kilometers of heathlands, sand dunes, and woodlands. The park is amazing but becomes even more mysterious and majestic during winter when the snow covers the trees and paths to transform the park […]

  – Hey ho, let’s go! – Yeah..! Where? Well, this sounds like a good summary of how most of the travel brainstormings start. The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t get much more further than that! Travel inspiration is not always easy to find, especially when you have so many possibilities…   How to […]

2015 is now behind us, hello 2016! The LegendaryTrips Team made some calculations and is glad to share with you the Top 10 of the most popular blog posts of 2015… From Japan to Cuba, South Africa or Norway, discover exceptional places related to TV Shows, films, music or books. 1 – The Continental Hotel […]

This article is part of the “Rum the World Tour” by Laura (but call her LOLO!), who embarked on a Rum trip around the world and is sharing her experience on her blog and LegendaryTrips! Previous articles: #1 Introducing the extraordinary adventures of Lolo in 15 countries! #2 RumTheWorldTour – Episode 1: Exploring Trinidad #3 RumTheWorldTour […]

Despite the incredible technologies we have today, the Earth is still full of mysteries – from man-made and natural to outright supernatural. Whether it’s a man-made pit of fire that hasn’t stopped burning for over 40 years, Russia’s anomalous Area 51 or eerie post-apocalyptic guidestones built by a mysterious man, our planet never fails to […]

[No spoiler guarantee] Before revealing the most iconic filming locations of True Detective season 2’s finale, let’s weep together. Let’s weep for True Detective’ second season that could have been great but took off way too late, in a hurry. Anyone watching avidly the show felt it. Perfection was there. It was everywhere. In Ray […]