Last month we introduced Microadventure, an exciting travel concept by Alastair Humphreys encouraging people to turn their 5-to-9 life into exciting adventures rather than wait the whole year for holiday time! With this in mind, I was thrilled when a couple of friends organized a weekend cycling session to explore the area around Utrecht (Netherlands) […]

What if you could see the Statue of Liberty, Cape Canaveral, the USS Alabama battleship, Pikes Peak, the Yellowstone National Park, the San Andreas Fault, beautiful San Fransisco, the Woodward Avenue in Detroit and more … in a single, big but optimal roadtrip across the continental United States? Well, don’t look any further, start packing […]

After a disappointing Elysium (2013), Neill Blomkamp comes back to his unique brand of Sci-fi with Chappie (2015): a raw-mantic tale about artificial intelligence in the same thought-provoking style that made the director famous with District 9 (2009). In Chappie Blomkamp portrays a crime-filled Johannesburg where robots have replaced humans in police forces to preserve […]

It has been difficult but I’m finally getting drawn into the season 3 of House of Cards. It took a few episodes of intricate diplomatic relations with Russia, Doug’s emotional yo-yo and, of course, the enigmatic presidential couple formed by Frank and Claire Underwood witnessed through the eyes of a mysterious writer for this new […]

This article is part of the “Rum the World Tour” by Laura (but call her LOLO!), who just embarked on a Rum trip around the world and is sharing her experience on her blog and LegendaryTrips! Previous articles: #1 Introducing the extraordinary adventures of Lolo in 15 countries! Quick links See the map | Read […]

At LegendaryTrips, our quest is to find “freedom through inspiration”. We look at travel – big or small – as a way to break from incapacitating routine into the free world of imagination and creative play. The openness, challenge and curiosity we experience as we travel give us a sense of boundless possibilities to explore […]