In Zvyagintsev’s Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning “Leviathan” set in contemporary Russia, the sublime Arctic nature becomes a formidable character in its own right. Magnificent and redoubtable coastal Arctic landscapes of the Russian Murmansk Oblast underline the film’s very theme of powerlessness – the inherent vulnerability of ordinary men against the grand forces of fate, absolute power […]

After seeing the outstanding pilot of The Man in the High Castle – Amazon’s new series based on the award-winning eponymous novel by Philip K. Dick – I couldn’t resist to watch Minority Report for the umpteenth time to drench my thirst for good sci-fi flicks. Minority Report is perhaps to date the best adaptation […]

When you play a game of thrones you win or you .. dine! A very official Game of Thrones restaurant is set to open in London for three days this February… HBO is willing to celebrate the release of the series’ fourth season on Blu-ray with style and exuberance. Fans are invited to enter for […]

Birdman by Alejandro González Iñárritu is one of those weird and wonderful films that will polarise audiences for years. Fans consider the movie to be a masterpiece and breath of fresh air in Hollywood, while others call it pretentious and boring. Following the tradition of magic realism, Birdman blends fantasy and reality, forcing us to […]

It’s no secret we’re huge mountain fans at LegendaryTrips. From hiking and mountain biking in summertime, to snowshoeing, skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding, we truly love everything that takes place on those tall buddies… Also, some of the members of the LegendaryTrips’ team are French and very proud (…) of their mountains and professional […]