Here’s another interesting infographic putting together fictional and actual locations from movies, books, video games and more (remember the one from WonderMode?). This one created by Just The Flight is especially exhaustive with 50 fictional destinations mapped to their actual place in ‘real’ life. This infographic covers classics such as Star Wars, Jaws, Jurassic Park, […]

Did you ever visit an abandoned place? A place that used to be full of life and animation at some point in time? Did you feel this intriguing sensation that slowly develops into your brain? This understanding of what has been and isn’t anymore today… LegendaryTrips has uncovered some of the most beautiful lost places […]

Photographer Christopher Moloney revisits New York City through some of the most famous filming locations that have marked the Big Apple’s history. In his series “FILMography” he uses a “rephotographing” technique where he photographs a black and white image from the movie in perfect alignment with the location as it is today. Moloney’s collection covers […]

In this day and age of new technologies where it’s easy to forget the simple sensation of turning the pages of a good novel, Airbnb is making the dream of many readers come true: sleeping in the house of their favorite writer!   See below some of the most interesting famous writer listings on Airbnb […]

‘C’est assez bien d’être fou’ (It’s quite good being crazy) is a project by director Antoine Page and drawing artist Zoo Project (Bilal Berreni). The crazy duo went on a four-month trip from Artois (Jura, France) to the deep end of Siberia in Vladivostok. They started their journey behind the wheel of an old Mercedes […]

Brendan Sainsbury from the BBC went on legendary trip in the footsteps of genius author Jack London in the Yukon, Canada.   In 1897, Jack London left San Francisco after hearing of the gold strike in Canada. Following a difficult 800km journey downriver from the Yukon’s headwaters, the 21-year-old writer finally arrived in Dawson City […]