Colombia in 2 weeks – by Adrien

Highlights: Tayrona Park, La Guajira, Palomino
Duration 14 days

We have been travelling in Colombia two weeks in March 2015, a splendid country where tourism is just starting to take off.

From the desert of La Guajira (far north east), passing by the swamps of Mompox (north east), its heavenly and numerous beaches on the Caribbean coast (north), the natural life on the Pacific Ocean (west), up to the Andean summits (west) and, finally, the Amazonia region, the diversity of Colombia will take your breath away!

Favorite destinations of the trip (by order):

Tayrona Park and its heavenly untouched beaches

La Guarija, Tierra de los Wayuus

Palomino, hippy village and beach

Trip route

Step by step

Days 1-2: Bogotá

We started our 2-week trip in Colombia with the capital, Bogotá. There we visited:

La Candelaria: the historical and colonial neighbourhood of Bogota. Probably the most interesting “Barrio” in town.

Paloquemao market: take a taxi and visit the biggest market in town. Take a breakfast and natural juice.

Carrera 7: on Sunday the avenue is closed for cars and open for pedestrians and bikers.

Days 3-5: La Guajira

The easiest and best way to visit La Guajira is to book a tour with a private guide and 4×4. We have chosen Backpacking Trip and recommend this tour operator for a trip of 2 nights and 3 days.

You will discover the first location discovered by the Spanish in 1499. There you will learn about the indigenes Wayuu culture and stop by Cabo de la vela, Punta Gallina and Las Dunas.

Days 6-7: Palomino

Just chill at the beach and enjoy the easy life in a still preserved place.

Do tubing on the Palomino River. A moto takes you up the hills and 20 minutes of walking later, you will head to the river.

Put on your mask and tuba and follow the river until the beach. It is 2 hours and a half of pure happiness.

Day 8: Minca


This destination is only 45 minutes away from Santa Marta. Visit Minca, an authentic village, a coffee farm, walk in the Sierra Nevada and swim in the natural pool and jump off the cliffs.

We recommend you to take the day trip package with your hotel or hostel. It is worth the price and will make your day easier.

Days 9-10: Tayrona Park

Tayrona Park

Tayrona Park is certainly the best park in the country and it's the most beautiful place we have seen in Colombia. From the entrance, get to Cabo San Juan where the facilities are - it's a 3-hour walk. Once arrived you will be flabbergasted by the spot.

During your stay, make sure to walk even further west from Cabo San Juan to access the most amazing beaches and feel like Robinson Crusoe.

Day 12: Playa Bianca

Playa Bianca

The sunset in Playa Bianca was truly among the best I have ever seen, so make sure to spend a night there in one of the accommodations on the beach.

Beware: one side of the beach is crowded (west) while the other one (west) is not so you should better head there.

You can do jet-ski but you may need to negotiate the price down.

Days 13-14: Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena is the undisputed queen of the Colombian Caribbean, a city of romance with a very well preserved beauty in the old center. The colonial atmosphere, its architecture, alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea make it magic.

Don’t miss Getsemaní, the insider secret and upcoming neighbourhood in Cartagena.

Practical Information

Colombia is a very big country and you can’t really count on public transport. Don’t hesitate to take local flights (search on flight comparison sites), especially if you visit Colombia in 2 weeks like we did. It is affordable and way more convenient. In town, taxis are also very common and recommended for safety in big cities like Bogotá or Medellin

Buy a local SIM card. It is very cheap and will make things easier to book a hotel or a taxi

Just try their natural juices (maracuya, guabana, pitahaya, lulo, mango…). They are simply delicious!

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