Outer Range Filming Locations in New Mexico

Outer Range filming locations

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger and starring Imogene Poots and Josh Brolin, Outer Range follows the story of the ranch-owning Abbot family and the incomprehensible mysteries they encounter in the Wyoming wilderness. The series airs on Amazon Prime Video and currently has one 8-episode season.

Outer Range has captivated audiences thanks to its beautiful filming locations, cerebral plotline full of twists, and excellent performances by leads Josh Brolin and Imogene Poots. The mixture of classic western elements and science fiction has led many reviews to describe the show as a mash-up of the X-Files and western dramas, with a touch of Lynchian sensibility thrown in for good measure.

Despite the show being set in the Wyoming wilderness, Outer Range filming took place in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas, New Mexico, with a few scenes and interior scenes shot in Los Angeles, CA. 

Santa Fe New Mexico

The Prime Video series takes advantage of New Mexico’s diverse landscapes to create a setting full of gorgeous vistas and rustic colors—perfectly accenting the off-kilter and bizarre atmosphere of the show.

Critics have praised the Amazon Studios television series for its moody presentation and high production values. The puzzle-box-style presentation provides a juicy mystery for viewers to chew on. It highlights themes of faith, redemption, and the nature of time.

Plot Synopsis

The main plot follows the Abbott family. It opens with family patriarch Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) engaged in a land dispute with the neighboring Tillerson family. One day, Royal discovers a mysterious black void in the middle of the disputed land, giving him a vision of the future.

On the same day, the local sheriff Joy (Tamera Podenski), notifies the family that the FBI has dropped their investigation into Royal’s daughter-in-law Rebecca, who went missing nine months earlier.

The central conflict kicks in when Royal’s two sons, Perry (Tom Pelphrey) and Rhett (Lewis Pullman), murder Trevor, the eldest son of the Tillerson family, after a drunken confrontation at a bar. Royal Abbott and his sons dispose of the body in the black void. But a mysterious woman named Autumn (Imogene Poots) witnesses them.

Outer Range ranch location
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The remaining episodes follow the Abbotts dealing with the fallout of covering up the murder and their strange interactions with Autumn, who seemingly has some connection to the void. 

Prime Video viewers can expect many mind-bending twists and turns as the story explores the characters’ dark pasts. It slowly unravels the tantalizing mysteries of the metaphysical void on the Abbott Ranch.

Outer Range Filming Locations

Las Vegas NM

Shots taking place in Amelia county were primarily filmed on Bridge Street. It’s nestled in the heart of the historic downtown area of Las Vegas in San Miguel County, New Mexico. If you were wondering why the small-town sets in Outer Range seemed so authentic, it’s because they are. Very few shots use CGI, and most buildings and wonderful hotels did not need any set dressing.

Bison Valley

Shots in the Bison Valley Bank of Wyoming took place at the Community 1st Bank. The diner scenes between Rhett and Maria in the first episode were filmed at the historic Odessa’s Café in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Outer Range Abott Family
© IMDB: Outer Range

Albuquerque, NM

Other scenes use storefronts for exterior shots but use sets for interior shots. For example, exterior shots of the local bar, The Handsome Gambler, are of 123 Bridge street. Also, the interior scenes for Outer Range filmed in Albuquerque were at the I-25 Studios sound stage. Other interior shots in Outer Range took place in Los Angeles.

Similarly, shots of the Abbott Ranch, where we follow the Abbott family’s life, were on a set the production team built near the Albuquerque studios. The production team added CGI versions of the Grand Teton Mountains to the horizon for outdoor scenes. This way, they turned New Mexico into Wyoming.

Other Outer Range filmed in Albuquerque include the Roller King skating rink, the Highway House Motel., and the University of New Mexico Physics and Astronomy Interdisciplinary Science Building.

Film and TV geeks might recognize the Outer Range filming locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Many other popular films and TV shows have been filmed in San Miguel and Bernalillo county in New Mexico. For example, there were Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad and the Coen brother’s 2007 film No Country for Old Men.

Production was originally going to take place at filming locations in Canada. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and film industry restrictions caused changes in plans. Outer Range is a major production employing thousands of New Mexicans. Therefore, the Amazon Studios crew is excited to show off the incredible natural beauty of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Albuquerque New Mexico

Wrapping up

According to series creator Brian Watkins, Outer Range serves to plumb the depths of Western mythology and showcase the “territorial and transient nature of the exploration of the West.” Filming of the show reflects this mythic presentation.

If you are looking for one of the most captivating TV mysteries in recent years, watch episode one of Outer Range from Amazon Studios on Prime Video!

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