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Gran Torino


Gran Torino is an award-winning 2008 American drama film, directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. A critical and commercial success, the movie was entirely filmed in Metro Detroit, United States.

The story focuses on Walt Kowalski, an angry, widowed War veteran, and people from the Hmong community. Walt’s young neighbor, Tao, is pressured by his cousin to become a member of his gang. Walt is gradually getting nicer with his neighbors and starts to help them fight off the gang members.

— Spoilers inside —

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1. Walt Kowalski’s House

Rhode Island Street, Highland Park, Detroit, United States

Walt Kowalski’s house is located on Rhode Island Street, between Oakland Parkway and Brush Street, in the city of Highland Park within Metro Detroit.

This city was selected as Kowalski is a retired car plant worker, and Detroit used to be the epicenter of the Ford Motor Company. Walt lives in a typical, middle-class suburban house.

2. St. Ambrose Catholic Church

Grosse Pointe Park, Detroit, United States

St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe Park is the church where Walt Kowalski attends his wife’s funeral at the beginning of the movie.

3. Pointe Hardware Store

Grosse Pointe Park, Detroit, United States

This location is one of Gran Torino’s filming locations. This is where Walt and Tao come to shop together for tools. This location is important in the movie as this is where a strong relationship grows between Walt and Tao.

4. Widgren’s Barber Shop

Center Street in Royal Oak, Detroit, United States

The barber shop, Widgren’s Barber Shop, is along 11 Mile Road, near Center Street, in Royal Oak.

The producers selected that shop out of sixty candidates in Detroit.

This is where Tao has a rough discussion with Walt about life and respect and finally learns to ‘speak like a man’.

5. Hmong Gang House

Pilgrim Street in Highland Park, Detroit, United States

The Hmong gang house is located on Pilgrim Street in Highland Park. This is the location where Walt dies after the final confrontation with the gang members.

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