The log cabin mystery at the end of Minority Report

Minority Report Cover Eye bandage Tom Cruise

After seeing the outstanding pilot of The Man in the High Castle – Amazon’s new series based on the award-winning eponymous novel by Philip K. Dick – I couldn’t resist to watch Minority Report for the umpteenth time to drench my thirst for good sci-fi flicks.

Minority Report is perhaps to date the best adaptation of Philip K. Dick to the screen. Ridley Scott had a good stab at it in 1982 with Blade Runner but, in my opinion, Steven Spielberg takes it to a higher level with Minority Report (2002) by perfectly portraying a dystopian world where murderers are arrested even before they commit their crime. Beyond the special effects and innovative sci-fi elements, Spielberg pays tribute to Philip K. Dick by preserving and building on the themes dear to the sci-fi mastermind like alternative realities and the clash between all mighty science and individual free will.

In Minority Report, John Anderton (Tom Cruise) heads Precrime, a special crime division in charge of arresting murder suspects based on the visions of precogs who can see the future. But when he is himself accused of a future murder, he must run and fight the flaws of a seemingly perfect system. The ethical and philosophical questions raised by Minority Report fuel the suspense and make Minority Report a riveting fast-paced thriller throughout.

Leaving aside the wild and passionate debates Minority Report invites us to, there is one thing that always sparked my interest at the end of the film: the log cabin on a desert island where the precogs are sent to live their lives in peace.


Although in Minority Report the small un-charted island is reported to be in the North Atlantic Ocean, there’s no straight answer as to its actual filming location.

After searching around on IMDb, Quora and Yahoo Answers, it seems likely that Minority Report’s last scene was filmed at Beaverdam Park in Gloucester, Virginia.

According to IMDb, Steven Spielberg and his crew filmed for over a month in Gloucester but on screen this translated into just a minute or so. Sadly, the town was given no acknowledgment in the credits.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself. Do you think this last scene of Minority Report was filmed in Virginia?

UPDATE: as pointed by many users in the comments, the correct location is Butter Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine.

One person was a caretaker on the island when the crew was filming this last scene so it’s likely to be correct. Apologies for taking so long to update this post and thank you all for your contributions.

Penobscot Bay Maine US

Photo credit: smilla4 on Flickr


  1. The last shot is of. Butter island off North haven maine . In Penobscot bay .i work on an around these islands . To the east is great spruce island,chain of islands ,bear iland .google earth .ielsboro is about 2 miles to the eastern,an Camden maine .you will see that it actually where it was filmed .

  2. I was the caretaker for Butter Island when that scene was filmed. The helipcopter they used to shoot that scene scared the hell out of the sheep all day long, going back and forth.

    The cabin shown here was digitally added – my cabin was along the south end of the island among a stand of pines.

  3. Just watched, minority report, id like answers, where the f is this place and who like jules said after 5 years not uodated fhe article as promised…….. 5 years ago ?

  4. When I saw that scene for the first time today I thought, “that must be off the coast of Maine”. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen with islands that look like that. Come on, update that article!

    1. If you do a google maps search for butter island you can find the exact spot where they pasted in the cabin, and the angle the chopper used as it flew away. Because of the low light you can’t see the other two buildings on the island or maybe they edited them out?

  5. Seriously, do any of you lot not have anything else to worry about that you are so concerned that an article written 6 years ago has not been updated? Especially as someone actually posted the correct place in the comments. Maybe the person who wrote the article has better things to concentrate on.. The phrase get a life springs to mind..

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